Oh, Minolta TC-1. You expensive little piece of shit….

…I get you in the mail from Japan, and you have a light leak. I send you back to Japan to get fixed. 2 months later I get you back working good as new. I shoot 2 rolls through you (these ones here) and you break again, most likely unable to be repaired…in which case I might walk out to the end of OB pier and throw you into the ocean as hard as I can. I’m mostly just pissed because you took such great photos. B&W: Acros 100. Color: expired Velvia, cross-processed.

000052990001 000052990002 000052990017 000052990018 000052990012 000052990008 000052990010 000052990022 000052990021 000052990020 000052990030000064930004 000064930019

4 thoughts on “Oh, Minolta TC-1. You expensive little piece of shit….

  1. Hi

    My minolta has a fault. the shtter wont fire and the shutter speeds flash in the viewfinder. an ‘f’ appears in the LCD, i hear this is a common fault. where did you send your camera to be fixed? if you could let me know that would be great… cheeers


    • What’s up man….honestly I have no idea where to actually send the camera. I sent it back to the guy that I bought it from over there and he sent it somewhere. He said it was really expensive too. I’m pretty bummed, I really liked my tc-1

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