On June 14th, 2014, a group of best friends filled their backpacks with beers & paddled their assorted watercraft to a far away secret beach, only accessible by sea. There they drank said beers, found fun waves, checked out the interesting geology/sea life, & drank more beers. It was an epic day indeed.

DPP_0001 DPP_0003 DPP_0006 DPP_0004 DPP_0007 DPP_0005 DPP_0008 DPP_0011 DPP_0023 DPP_0014 DPP_0017 DPP_0020 000078110032 DPP_0018 DPP_0013 DPP_0021 DPP_0015 DPP_0016 DPP_0012 DPP_0022 DPP_0010 DPP_0009

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