Every once in a while, this scrubby little potted plant outside my door makes one of these.


The Memories. Soda Bar. Acros 100.

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On June 14th, 2014, a group of best friends filled their backpacks with beers & paddled their assorted watercraft to a far away secret beach, only accessible by sea. There they drank said beers, found fun waves, checked out the interesting geology/sea life, & drank more beers. It was an epic day indeed.

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TNR. Vacation Forever.

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Indonesia. One month of photos. All film.

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Uluwatu. iPhone.


I poked my telephoto lens out the back window of the place I’m staying in Bali and spent a few minutes capturing the local creatures…


I went down to the river to test out a telephoto that I just added to the quiver. It works.


It is spring. FM3a, Velvia.

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